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Leasing instruments

A man stands in front of a wall of a concert hall. He holds a viola in his hand.

Without a doubt I am not a decisive person. When I was a student, being able to rent a valuable master violin was truly relieving. After my successful rehearsal I could purchase the violin free of risk and with minimal additional costs.

Matthias Frauendienst, Bruckner Orchestra Linz

In every musician’s career there are important goals in which having an ideal instrument is essential to their success. Having access to the best possible string instrument at the right time is crucial.

Our workshop has developed a leasing program for nascent professionals. It enables every musician to realise their full musical potential on an optimal instrument at any moment.



Value: € 12.000,-
Leasing rate: € 200,- / Monat
No down payment
Insurance included

Leasing period:


Value: € 24.000,-
Leasing rate: € 400,- / Monat
No down payment
Insurance included


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