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Rental instruments

There are some situations in which it makes more sense to rent an instrument instead of purchasing it.

Have you been dreaming of learning to play the cello for years and you just want to try it out? Does your child want to play the violin and you’re unsure about how long the motivation will hold up for? Do you need a bass for an evening performance in Linz and you don’t want to travel with your instrument?

Worth knowing

The rental instruments that we offer are all set up and available ready to play in our workshop. The bridge, fingerboard and tuning pegs have been adjusted and set by us.

With almost all cheaper instruments offered at internet portals the right tuning is missing and essential parts of the instrument might even be defective.

Such a setup requires multiple hours of work and costs approximately € 400,- for a violin and € 700-800,- for a cello.

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