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Instrument repair

Restoring an old instrument is quite different from building a new one, for it involves bringing back a given state without leaving any traces.

Old instruments which have been played for decades usually need more attention than the repairing of a few details. If woodworm damage or previous repair work endanger the instrument in its substance, a comprehensive restoration remains the only possibility. Core of the restoration is the preservation of both the instrument’s exceptional sound quality and its value in their entirety.

An open cello corpus lies on the workbench. Screw clamps clamp the side panel to the base part.
The stability of the cello corpus is protected and subsequently its matter is warranted.
A violin scroll lies on the workbench.
The peg holes at the scroll of the violin are bushed so that the peg box is secured. New well functioning pegs are fitted in.
Inner side of a violin top plate.
The top plate of the violin is stabilised with lining, tears are repaired diligently and secured.


The first step is the evaluation of the instrument’s current state, as well as discussing all necessary and possible measures with the musician.

A binding cost estimate is part of the agreement with our customers. For getting a clear picture of the implemented procedures, all crucial phases are documented.

The instrument shall sound and gleam again in its original splendour.